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Two channel video 5 mins (available as either a split screen or two-screen projection), 2017

On one screen we see an older woman picking up objects on an isolated beach. She then sits on a chair and begins sewing with needle and thread, repairing ‘real’ fleshy hearts that have been torn. As the video ends, the camera moves back to reveal the beach with Australian suburbia behind the dunes, continuing out into the ocean until the woman is a speck on the strip of sand.

The contrasting screen begins with a lengthy view of water and an endless horizon at sea. Towards the end of the video island are spotted and the camera comes to rest with the same view of the coast that completes the other screen. The soundtrack is of the ocean and of birds on the beach.


Video 4.23 mins, 2017

The viewer’s gaze sweeps over black and white earth. Clay objects shaped as hearts are lying at all angles in bare earth, some covered and barely visible. The earth scatters over the hearts as if a helicopter is coming into land, the sound of gunfire is heard. Gradually the camera moves closer into the hearts as the sound of war increases.

Half way through the video, the screen goes dark and the faint sound of birds can be heard. The screen shifts to gradually show the same hearts, now in faint colour as the camera closes in on specific hearts. The sounds of life continue as the colour increases and the camera comes to rest on a few hearts with inscriptions: “Out of sight, out of Mind”. A heartbeat becomes louder as the camera comes to rest on a heart “Bring my father from Manus”.

Moving Hearts – Exploring the Right to Belong,

Video, 4.03 minutes, March 2018

Documentary, made by the Plus Alliance

This video gives an overview of the Moving Hearts project in London, with footage of the Heart Procession and Heart Spiral, interviews with the artist, participants, King’s College researchers and staff of the Migration Museum.

Moving Hearts

Video, 4.55 minutes, March 2018

Silent, made by Maddie Abrahams

This silent video uses stills and moving footage to provide an overview of the Moving Hearts Project in London. It includes stills from workshops held to make hearts.

Confined Hearts – Opening Hearts Event

Video, 4.5 minutes, December 10 2016, Circular Quay, Sydney


The video documents, through moving footage and still photography, the setting up of the event, participants walking the spiral and writing responses to the last moment when the faint traces are left on the space from those who walked the spiral.